Austin County Media

Austin County Media, a division of Austin County News Online, strives to provide quality digital services to the Austin County, Texas area.   From websites to commercials, DVD’s to audio files, Austin County Media will help bring to life whatever you can imagine.

Our Services

Convert Records & Tapes To Digital

We can convert your audio tapes and records to digital mp3 files you can share with others or over the internet, play on your ipod or phone, or we can burn them to CD for you.

Home Movies To DVD or Digital Files

Do you have old VHS (or other format) videos laying around that you’d like transferred to a secure digital format?  We can do those transfers for you preserving them for a lifetime.

Audio Restoration

Over the years, audio recorded onto analog media will degrade and the sound will fade or muffle.  Having your audio digitally restored will bring back your audio to a clearer and fuller sound.

Video Services

In our digital age video has become an important staple.  Whether you need a commercial, an explainer video or meetings to be captured for archiving and reference we can help you with all of it.

Website Creation & Hosting

In today’s business world you need to have a website.  Many people will consult a comany’s website even before they pick up a phone.  Let us help bring your business online with a custom website and our web hosting services..

Computer Services

Computers have been a great boon to our society.  However, they have also become a source of great frustration for many.  If you’re having computer issues, give us a call.