Video Tapes to Digital Video Conversion


Do you have memories of loved ones or special events on tape sitting in a box, closet or drawer?  Well, the sad truth is that if you don’t do something with them, you’re going to lose them, no matter how careful you are with them.  According to manufacturers’ data sheets and other technical literature, thirty years appears to be the upper limit for magnetic tape products, including video and audio tapes.  Many times, it’s much less.  Especially if low quality or inferior tapes were used to record the event in the first place.  What does a degraded tape near the end of its life look like?  Click the video below.

Unfortunately, at this point, there’s not much that can be done to salvage this tape.  This memory is pretty well lost.  The best thing to do is not to let your tapes get to this point.


Our Conversion Process


Step 1

The Conversion

To begin the process, your tape is run through our professional grade machine which will upconvert your video to a much higher resolution digital signal, improving the video quality.  It then will burn the newly upconverted digital feed to a high-quality, durable DVD.  This process is usually all that most people need.  However…

Step 2 

For Badly Degraded Audio

(Optional, Extra Charge)

The most common degradation of tape is the audio.  In most tapes, voices become muffled, sometimes to the point of being barely audible and “Tape Hiss” becomes overpowering.  We can separate out the audio, remove the hiss and restore the original audio.  Many times, even improving it to better than it was before.  We have to charge extra for this process because it easily ads 2 hours to the conversion process.  However, you end up with a much nicer finished product.

Step 3

The Final Result

The final result for you is an improved video with outstanding audio which we will burn to DVD and give you the video file as well (you must provide your own thumb drive).  The video file you can upload to YouTube, watch on your computer or other video device(s) as well as share with your family and friends.