Video Commercials

Austin County Media Can Help You Create A Professional
Commercial For Your Business, Organization or Social Platform

There is no better way to reach your customer than through video.  Most people will watch a video before reading an article or advertisement.  These days, growing companies have their own YouTube Channel filled with informational videos explaining their company and their company’s products.  This can range from what they carry, to how to use a particular product, to reviews of them.  So, if you need video work done for your company we’ll be glad to assist you!  We’ll sit down with you and go over the things you would like to get across to your audience and capture that in a quick video/commercial that can be used for online advertisement either with us or another online source.  

Video is very time consuming, not just in the capture of it but also because the customer typically wants several changes made before the final cut and this adds to the time involved.  This is why there is a variation in price.  It depends on the amount of time that is involved with the production of your commercial.  But, once your commercial is made, it can be shared or embedded anywhere on the web.  Below are a few of the commercial videos we’ve made for clients.

***NOTE*** The price is variable because it really depends on what the customer is requesting as well as how much time and editing is required for the final product.  But, for a ballpark price, the average video is around $500 each but, is discounted if more than one video is requested.

Examples Of Different Types Of Commercials

Below we have several different styles of commercials that we have done for ourselves and other businesses.  These are a sampling of what can be done to help give you some ideas for your own commercial.

First Person Speaking Video

The Sealy ER’s commercial has two individual speakers that you “meet” in the video.  They speak directly to the viewer and explain the facilities’ different services.  This style of commercial is used when it is important for your audience to know particular people associated with your business, i.e. the business owner, manager, etc.  Or, to give a more personal feel to your video.

Live Video With Narration

The Medical Clinics of Sealy is a different type of commercial where no particular person is introduced to the audience but, rather, the facility as a whole is shown to the audience with an unseen narrator providing the dialogue description.  This type of video is really good when you want to showcase a location for your target customers.

Animation With Narration

Our Shop Austin County Commercial is animated with a narrator providing the dialogue.  This is another good way to reach your target audience but, does not require any footage or people or places to be filmed.  Animations are normally accompanied with snappy music and a lighthearted feel.  They are excellent for many business situations.

Music With Text (No Narration)

Serenity Massage elected for a non-verbal commercial that displayed their services with text and gentle music in the background.  This is usually the cheapest form of commercial as there is not much editing that has to take place.  This is a good generic video format to help get your business name out there.